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Chester In Top 10 For Best Valued Break

Chester In Top 10 For Best Valued Break
13 Nov

Chester In Top 10 For Best Valued Break

In what will likely become a highly valued talking point for Chester officials over the long and short term, Chester has recent been announced as one of the highly coveted “Top 10” for “Best Value” cities on Trip Index for UK cities. This statistic now exists in conjunction with yet another highly desirable ranking, that being the fact that Chester has also been rated the fifth happiest city in Britain.

According to travel experts, a weekend getaway, complete with meals, a place to stay in Chester and attractions would cost approximately £828.76. Surveys have shown that the average expenses per day in Chester are approximately £238.52. These figures have resulted in Chester being named the seventh most affordable getaway destination in England.

So, what makes Chester such a desirable location? According to both local residents and a number of satisfied travellers, Chester’s unique combination of fascinating natural and cultural attractions makes it ideal for those who are seeking an “off the beaten path” excursion in a community which makes all who come by feel incredibly welcome.

It should come as no surprise that London was ranked first in the “most expensive” category of destination rankings within England. Although Chester is, of course, a distinctly different community than the England’s largest metropolis, the point remains that Chester does, indeed, provide attractions that are often found in much larger cities. Chester is also quite unique due to the fact that residents of this community have immense pride in their particular segment of England.

Whether you’re interested in a longer excursion to Chester or simply a weekend getaway, we highly recommend that you take the time to explore all that this magnificent town has to offer. After all, it’s not every day that you get to escape the humdrum of modern urban living and explore the exciting and invigorating atmosphere found in England’s captivating countryside. Now’s the time to plan your trip to Chester. Believe us when we say, you won’t regret it!

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