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Heritage Open Days in Chester

Heritage Open Days in Chester
21 Jan

Heritage Open Days in Chester

One of Chester’s most popular tourist attractions and local entertainment outlets is just around the corner. Chester’s Heritage Open Days feature an outstanding array of all-access tours which allow visitors to enter and explore many of the area’s most beautiful and prestigious homes.

Given the fact that all of the attractions during the Heritage Open Days are free of charge, it is not uncommon for a large number of out-of-town residents to find their way here and book a place to stay in Chester in order to immerse themselves in these unforgettable festivities. This year’s program features over 60 buildings, tours and curated walks led by seasoned tour guides and regional experts.

Louise Gittens, a member of the Chester Cabinet, discussed the preparations leading up to this year’s festival and the lofty ambition of event organizers to create what will be considered the most event-filled Heritage Open Days yet. According to Gittens, “This year we are including a programme of talks, exhibitions and events from Chester Heritage Week organised by the Royal Institute of British Architects, Cheshire Society of Architects and The Chester Civic Trust.”

Unique to this year’s event is a special exhibition focusing on a recent photographic competition hosted by the Chester Photographic Society as part of the 40th anniversary of European Architectural Heritage. Visitors to the Heritage Open Days this year will be able to observe competition entries along the Rows shop windows, and can also visit the entire exhibition at the popular Booth Mansion. This is definitely an exhibit that should not be missed.

Doreen King, a member of the Chester Civic Trust, explained that one of the reasons this year’s Heritage Open Days is so exciting is the fact that the festival has progressed so significantly since its origins 21 years ago. In the words of King, “he programme has grown so much over the past 21 years from its humble beginnings when The Chester Civic Trust arranged for eight buildings to be open in 1994.”

The Heritage Open Days is currently sponsored by The National Trust. That being said, it is also important to note that a large number of volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that this fantastic event runs smoothly each year. More information about this event can be obtained by visiting

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