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Spooky Tales of Haunted Chester Rowton Hall Hotel
12 Oct

Spooky Goings On in Haunted Chester…

You may already know that the city of Chester dates back to Roman times and it was the Romans who first erected a fortress in Chester to protect their city, creating the basic structure of the famous walls that we see today.

Over the hundreds of years that followed, the city thrived and grew and became a hotchpotch of Roman, medieval, industrial and modern 20th and 21st century architecture and thus a well known historical city.

What you may not know about Chester however, is that it is also known for a fair few ghostly sightings amongst its buildings and famous walls. So with Halloween fast approaching, here is a little tale of a well known chocolate shop to give you a flavour of all things spooky……whoooooooo!!

Most of us probably wouldn’t think of a chocolate shop as the most obvious place to be haunted, but Thornton’s Chocolate Shop on Eastgate Street is thought to have not just one, but three ghosts flitting about. Two are male and one is female and whilst there isn’t very much know about the male spirits, the female poltergeist – known as Sarah – has garnered herself quite the reputation for naughty behaviour!

The story goes that Sarah was a young woman who was jilted at the altar and was so upset that she went home and hung herself. What was Sarah’s home is now Thornton’s shop and whilst nobody claims to have seen her, some male customers have said they feel like they are being watched in the shop. Not only that, but people claim to have been pushed when nobody is there and come Valentine’s Day, boxes of special Valentine chocolates have been scattered about the shop whilst the regular boxes of chocolates have not been touched…..

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You can read Sarah’s story and tales of some of the other haunted places in and around Chester here and if you fancy some spooky goings on this Halloween, the city is certainly worth a visit. But of course, if it all gets a little too scary, you can always pop along to Rowton Hall for a relaxing afternoon tea instead!

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