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Whats on in and around Chester this Halloween
19 Oct

What’s On in and Around Chester this Halloween?

pumpkinIn the run up to Halloween, you’ll find that there is lots of spooky fun to be had by all the family in and around Chester.

What’s on in and around Chester this Halloween

There are regular ghost tours around the city where guides will take you on a night-time journey around the eerie haunts of Chester’s mysterious and murky past reciting many a spine-chilling tale of ghosts, ghouls and things that go bump in the night! To find out more and book tickets for one of these tours, click here.

If you’re up for something with a bit more scary ghostie and ghoulie action, and not easily spooked, then the Crocky Horror Show at The Crocky Trail in Cotton Abbotts, Waverton may be perfect. The 600 yard creepy crawl through the woodland is packed with zombies and monsters for you to ‘enjoy! Click here for more details and to book your tickets.

There are lots of other events going on a bit farther afield but that are well worth the trip. If you want to be truly frightened out of your wits, we’d suggest Farmageddon at Farmer Ted’s Farm out in Ormskirk. In this terrifying ‘real life’ adventure, you get to wander through the farm buildings and barns awaiting the worst with your heart banging and adrenaline pumping…. Not for the faint-hearted but if you think you can take it, click here for details!

autumn-20461_640If this all sounds a little bit too much, then there’s always the Arachnobot 16ft mechanical spider puppet that will be wandering the streets of Southport between 21 and 29 October, looking for a playmate…..  Or if you prefer scares and frights from the safety of your seat, then The Atkinson Theatre in Southport is holding the Dead of Night Film Festival, showcasing the best of independently made horror films from all over the world. The festival takes place on Friday 20 October at 6:30pm and Saturday 21 October at 11:00am.

Both of these events are part of the Southport Halloween Festival taking place from 20 to 31 October.

And finally, for little ones who who probably prefer to miss out on the frights but still want to join in the fun, Spooky World offers a Fun-by-Day Halloween adventure at Apple Jacks Adventure Farm just outside Warrington. Click here for full details about this and also their Scary-at-Night option for a few more frights…..!

pumpkinHappy Halloween everybody…..!!

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