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Enjoy Autumn with a Rowton Getaway
Chester boasts the quaint charm of medieval facades as well as beautiful parklands, city walls and falconry.

Enjoy Autumn with a Rowton Getaway

Spend Autumn the Rowton Way

With the last bank holiday of the year just around the corner your work gear may already be pressed and hanging up ready for the first day of the long awaited new school year. Your suitcase may also be getting ready to retire to its own winter holiday home in the attic and you may be feeling vulnerable to a spell of that Sunday evening malaise.

And even if you don’t work in a school or the kind of job that shuts down for the summer (let’s face it, most of us don’t), you probably still enjoy the summer holiday for the clear drive to work, meaning you can probably catch a few extra minutes of snooze in the morning.

If end-of-summer blues is affecting you, the best cure we can recommend is putting something down in the calendar to look forward to, whether it’s an autumnal treat towards Halloween or grabbing the last few embers of summer in late September.

Book a luxurious stay at Rowton Hall

Let’s be up front here. Everyone deserves a weekend getaway once in a while, and where better to enjoy an indulgent stay than at Rowton Hall? From our standard room to our master suites, spirit yourself away to a dimension of calm and class.

A couple of nights away from jobs, to-do lists and half-finished décor will do you no end of good. Our comfortable beds give no excuse for a bad night’s sleep, and if you do have trouble winding down after the working week, look no further than…

A delightful spa treatment for mind and body

Our fantastic spa packages give you different options, whether it’s revitalisation for a special day ahead, or a full body massage to get your body into a more restful state, free of stresses, strains and knots. Our circular relaxation room provides all you need to forget work, hectic social lives and responsibilities.

Enjoy autumn in Chester

Chester boasts the quaint charm of medieval facades as well as beautiful parklands, city walls and falconry. One thing expats miss about the British Isles is the fact we have one transient and beautiful season: autumn. The time of the year when the leaves turn a variety of rich shades of red, yellow and gold and there is a crispness to the air that inspires a sense of new beginnings. This season is best enjoyed where there is a fine blend of picturesque walks and somewhere to stop for tea and cake. Chester has all three in abundance, and so is the best place to pause to acknowledge autumn.

Be kind to your body and taste Cheshire in season

It’s not enough to enjoy the fresh outdoors scent in Grosvenor Park or the visual spectacle of the post-summer leaves. Rowton’s Langdale Restaurant delivers a bespoke menu according to the season, growing our own produce in the hotel grounds. Where we don’t, we source products from local providers. This means you can literally get a taste of autumn.

We don’t believe that indulgence and eating healthily need to be mutually exclusive. And the better the food you consume, the less heavy it will lie on your stomach. Meaning? A better night’s sleep all round.

So what now? Book your stay with us.