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International Women's Day
International Women's Day

International Women's Day

Key Women at Rowton Hall Hotel

Courtney Williams ~ Restaurant Manager

Courtney started work at 16 in the hospitality industry and didn’t look back, she loves the fact there is always something different and there are so many challenging and fun situations to deal with each and every day.

She worked her way up from being a waitress to management at Chester Racecourse doing so many different events and catering for many high clientele guests.

What does International Woman's Day mean to you?

To be strong, independent and always work hard for what you want in life. No matter how hard it all gets to keep going and try your best!

Key Women at Rowton Hall Hotel

Luan Davies ~ Wedding Sales Manager

Luan began her career in hospitality over 20 years ago, working her way up to management after completing a degree and diploma in Business Management. After 10 years as a Business and Coaching Manager for Regus UK, Luan returned to hospitality as a Hotel Sales Manager of a beautiful wedding venue in Cheshire.

Luan is completely passionate about planning, organising and helping create beautiful celebrations and has worked in some of the most beautiful wedding venues in North Wales and Cheshire, she loves listening to people’s stories, how they met, what they have planned for the future and what they really want for their special day. Luan knows how important it is to celebrate each bride and grooms uniqueness, every wedding begins with a fresh outlook, weaving their own character and personality into a day that truly reflects them and makes magical memories to cherish.

What does International Woman's Day mean to you?

International Women’s Day is the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women around the world, this not only means the ‘big stuff’, political change or economic equality, but also the day-to-day successes we have, the way in which we find what truly makes us happy and gives us that elated feeling at the end of the day.

It isn’t always easy but knowing that others are fighting on through and making changes to their lives is inspiring.

This year International Women’s Day is all about ‘Choose to Challenge’. Challenge yourself, challenge others and make changes in our lives for the benefit of ourselves, our families and our communities.

Key Women at Rowton Hall Hotel

Kate Lodge ~ Operations Manager

After falling in love with the industry 21 years ago Kate would not wish to do anything else.

Working from Food and Beverage Assistant to Events Manager in her first property, Kate moved to another Cheshire hotel as Food and Beverage Manager and even spent time working at Chester Zoo!

What does International Woman's Day mean to you?

Women’s Day meaning to me? - My inspiration as a woman, my Mum. She taught me from a young age what sort of a woman to be. She taught me three main things in life, be kind to everyone, always be calm and always be yourself. This has aided me in hospitality throughout the years.

Key Women at Rowton Hall Hotel

Edel Heaney ~ Revenue Manager

Edel started in hospitality as a Bar Maid while doing a 3-year Diploma in Hotel Management in Galway, Ireland also completing a work placement just outside Nice France in 1994 at Le Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat.

Edel moved to Glasgow working with Jurys in 1996 when finished her studies, there for 4 years.

Taking a year out in 2000 Edel travelled to Australia and New Zealand, working in the obligatory Irish Bars along the way!

Edel moved to Chester after her year out and worked for Feathers Hotel Group for 14 years within their Chester, North Wales and Liverpool properties as Reservations and Revenue Manager.

After this, she moved to Thornton Manor for nearly 2 years, then onto a small family-run hotel group in Liverpool for nearly 2 years.

Sick of travelling to and from Liverpool to work Edel then tried the ‘working from home’ option for Whisper Hotels as Distribution & Partnerships Manager.

Just before the Global Pandemic struck Edel moved to Rowton Hall Hotel & Spa (15-minute commute) and on her third week there in March 2020 the hotel closed for lockdown.

Now a year later with the hotel opened and closed again like the rest of the hospitality industry several times. 13 months on and the hotel is still currently closed but Edel is still busy working behind the scenes constantly.

What does International Woman's Day mean to you?

Women should not have to prove themselves as they once did. We want to be judged on our capabilities, not get special treatment and have an equal voice and not be based on gender.

I want my daughter to be who she wants to be and have the job she wants. She loves being in the garage with her Dad and getting mucky.

When dealing with a compliant many moons ago at the start of my career a male guest refused to speak to me – I was the Duty Manager at the time, but he said that he couldn’t possibly get the situation rectified with me as I wouldn’t be able to make a decision and would prefer to speak to the male boss’, someone in authority and not me! I explained that I was that ‘someone in authority and the Duty Manager at the time.

With the nature of the hotel industry, I was on a ‘Late / Early’ shift and yes, this particular guest summoned the Duty Manager again the next day. This time when he saw me he laughed and walked out refusing to pay his bill.

I am happy to say that this has really been an isolated incident but still is there in the back of my mind now 20 years on! I still glance at hotel arrival lists each day and see if our paths will cross again!

Key Women at Rowton Hall Hotel

Carol Coley ~ Head Houskeeper

Carol started work at 15 in a shoe shop, working there for 14 years. She left to have her second child and to be a stay-at-home Mum, but also doing some work from home for a taxi company doing the wages, tax returns and rotas.

Carol also cleaned private houses and Bed and Breakfasts (happy that she was able to take her children with her).

When able to return to work Carol worked evenings in a solarium which was fantastic. When that closed, she went to the Feathers Westminster Hotel in Chester, then across the road to the Queen Hotel and now at Rowton.

Carol thoroughly enjoys her job, it takes a lot of organising, planning, but above all, she really enjoys cleaning! (good job really)

What does International Woman's Day mean to you?

International Women’s Day to me means to remember the important women who in the past and present fought for women's rights, the right to vote and for equal pay in the workplace.