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Unexplained Figure Caught on Camera

There has been no evidence to confirm any of these sightings…until now.

Unexplained Figure Caught on Camera

Unexplained Figure Caught on Camera?

Rowton Hall Hotel & Spa has got an epic and lengthy history dating back to 1779 with the Hignett family owning the Rowton estate since 1600.

The whole area is steeped in history and intrigue, the Battle of Rowton Heath took place in 1645 on the same land that the hotel now occupies. This battle fought by the Parliamentarians and the Royalists under the personal command of King Charles I, ended in a significant defeat for the Royalists with over 600 of their men brutally killed.

It is well reported that Rowton Moor and the area surrounding Rowton Hall Hotel is extremely haunted with many ghostly sightings of soldiers being seen, mostly around the anniversary of the battle which took place on 24th September.

Guests of Rowton Hall have often reported seeing strange apparitions of what can only be described as English Civil War soldiers whist walking the grounds and gardens of Rowton Hall during the early evening.

We can't explain it...

As well as ghostly figures of soldiers being spotted on the grounds, we have also had occasional reports of another eerie figure mysteriously appearing and disappearing, not within the grounds, but….in certain hotel bedrooms.

There has been no evidence to confirm any of these sightings…until now.

During a standard photo shoot to gather content to promote our 2021 Wedding Packages and a Bedroom Flash Sale we caught something very unusual on some of the photos and videos.

We have been too shocked and terrified to try and come up with any rational explanation for these shocking images, we’ll leave it up to you to come up with your own conclusions…..

Stay safe and Happy Halloween Week.