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We Just Got Engaged! - Now What?!
"OMG! We’ve got engaged! I’m so excited!"

We Just Got Engaged! - Now What?!

We Just Got Engaged! - Now What?!

"OMG! We’ve got engaged! I’m so excited!!"

As you are reading this, you’re probably thinking that you have shouted the same thing out loud to everyone around you.

After your beautiful ring has received all the oohs and ahhs (quite rightly so), all the hugs and congratulations start dying down a flurry of questions will pop into your head; Where will we get married? When? What dress? What theme? Flowers?

Thinking about all the details as you plan your wedding can be a thrilling, exciting (and at times daunting) experience, Your mind is rushing with so much to do, and everyone around you is giving you plenty of advice. It can be totally overwhelming.

1 Take your time….

You are no doubt excited and the temptation is to rush off and start booking everything without a proper plan!

The first things a venue will ask you on their open day are ‘What is your preferred date?’ and ‘How many guests will you be having?’

But you need to choose your date carefully, not in a rush. If key members of your family and friends have booked expensive holidays, they won’t be too impressed if the dates clash. Equally you need to be aware of school holidays if children are invited.

2 Get listing….

Make a list of everyone you wish to come and do be aware that your parents may want a say on their guest list if they are helping with the finances! This could affect your budget and ultimately your choice of venue.

Always check what is included. Venues often have different pricing structures, so what is complimentary at one may have a hidden charge at another.

It’s important that you get to know your wedding venue team well as they’re going to be ones who keep everything running smoothly. 😊

3 Finding suppliers to help you…

Be aware, if you book a venue in a hurry, your other preferred suppliers may not be available. If you have set your heart on a favourite live band, a florist who is spectacular or the most amazing photographer it might be a good idea to check they are available for your special date..

Look out for any special offers that allow you to have your preferred choices of date, venue or supplier. It can help with the budget but make sure you don’t compromise on your perfect day.

So take your time, ask lots of questions and make sure you’re all on the same page. There’s no panic, just enjoy it.

4 Take 10 minutes….

Before booking anything, take 10 minutes to sit back and think. Walk around the venue and try and imagine yourself there, chat to the team and take time to sit in the garden. Or have a wander around n your own. If you feel you’re ‘just another customer’ or you’re being pushed into something, it’s probably not the right choice for you. But if you feel supported and excited and of course it is in budget…go for it!

Choosing with care can make your wedding planning experience much happier and smoother.

If you are unsure and need some help, just ask. At Rowton Hall Hotel we always take time to help with suggestions and provide solutions. Every wedding is individual, every wedding is important, and every wedding couple deserves to feel really special.

During these testing times we are still responding to wedding enquiries, we are happy to discuss your day and provide estimates so that you have lots of information and can arrange a private viewing when our doors reopen. If you would like more information please email