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Wedding Food & Drink

Your first meal as a married couple should be special.

We are known for our use of fresh, seasonal produce from our own kitchen gardens, all specially prepared by our team of passionate and talented chefs.

Wedding Canapes

Wedding Menus

We pride ourselves on creating showstopping wedding menus that will be the talk of the day. However, we know that the "perfect" wedding food and drink is different for everyone, that's why we have many different catering options for you to consider. Many of our wedding packages include a taster menu for the wedding couple so you can come along and ensure everything will taste to your liking for your special day.

View Our Sample Dinner Menu

Chocolate Dessert


Our chefs understand what makes a perfect wedding meal and have created a range of carefully curated menus that promise to make your wedding breakfast one to remember. You will be invited to a menu tasting where you’ll be able to taste your choices to ensure your chosen menu is the perfect match to fit in with your special day.



We will ensure that the food we serve to you and your guests is mouth-watering and unforgettable and catered to your guests’ individual dietary requirements.

Wedding Canapes


Your food should look as good as it tastes from the first canapes right through to the late-night snacks served. We ensure the food will look so good your guests won’t know what to do first, take a photo or take a bite.

Luan Davies

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