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The following access arrangements are now in place:


We have disabled parking located at the front of the hotel, directly in front of the reception area which is located on the ground floor.

We have friendly and approachable staff that can help carry your luggage from your vehicle to your room if requested at reception [locating your luggage at a point specified by the guest].


Receptionist staff are available between 7am and 11pm. Should assistance be required out of these hours, the night-porter will attend to your needs.

It is a necessary procedure for our check-in staff/receptionist to take specific details of all special needs guests. These details are necessary so that they can be logged and monitored on a daily basis, for emergency evacuation procedures and assistance required in an evacuation occurrence until such time as the guest departs. These details include the following information: 1} Guest name 2} Location of guest [room number] 3} Name of carer + room number of carer [if applicable] 4} Assistance required in an emergency evacuation 5} Arrival + departure dates 6} Basic details of special needs.


The fire alarm sensors are also sounders. For hard of hearing guests the sensor/sounders within these bedrooms also flash [red] when activated.

All bedroom corridor doors are a minimum of 750mm wide to allow access for wheelchairs and other special needs equipment.

Due to being a dog friendly hotel, Guide Dogs are permitted in to the hotel which we provide dog bowls and treats for in the bedroom. We also have dog walking paths around our grounds and an activity field for dogs to run around in.

A Telephone is available in each room. Depending on your room. There is also Free Wi-Fi available which is located all around the hotel, for any enquiries please ask reception for assistance.

Unfortunately we do not have a lift in the hotel so If you cannot use steps you should make the receptionist aware of this during your check-in procedure or let our reception team know when booking your reservation so we can allocate you the ground floor bedroom.


The hotel has a fully adapted special needs [unisex] compliant toilet facility, located on ground floor. The doors to access this facility are a minimum of 750mm wide to allow access for wheelchairs or other special needs equipment.

All our Suites, Lounge Area and Restaurant is located on the ground floor which is easily accessible for special needs and is not too far apart from each other or to the toilet facilities.


Our bar staff, will be happy to assist you in locating a suitable sitting area. The staff will also take your order for food or drink when you are ready.

Special dietary requirements can be met providing we have sufficient advance notice.

Please ensure to inform our staff of these requirements if you wish to dine in the area.

A fridge is available during your stay for such things like specific medication which requires refrigerated storage. Please ask reception who will arrange delivery of the fridge to your room for you.

We have 24hr room service available, for those finding difficulty in accessing restaurants or bar area's. [Menu's and bar lists are also available at request].

Should the fire alarm activate during your stay, we will send assistance if required to assist you out of the building [assistance requirements will need to be noted during your check-in procedure].


The distance to Chester from the hotel is 3 miles driving distance.

The main bus routes collect from a bus stop located 1/2 mile from the hotel main entrance. Our receptionists can also provide a taxi upon request which will collect you directly outside the hotel main entrance to any destination you require.


Your luggage will be collected from your room by a porter and taken to your car or coach [If requested at reception].

Assistance getting in to your car can be provided if required.

Assistance in placing mechanical or electronic wheelchairs or scooters in to your vehicle can be provided at request.

We will customise your ‘check-out' process by making you as comfortable as possible whilst all necessary paperwork has been completed.

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